Black Ivy World Cup Kit 001 - In the game 

Perfect way to connect the world through style and sport, yesterday we hit up the futbol/soccer field on a beautiful day in New York City to test out the Black Ivy Jerseys.

Thanks to everyone who has supported! 

Photographer : Dondre Green

Players : Jesse Boykins III , Armando Cabral, Ian Davis, Joshua Kissi & Travis Gumbs

Jerseys for sale here

Hook me up with that Germany jersey tho.

We continue with the different types of fabrics used by mens swimwear brand, Onia. 

Third on our list is:


Offered in modern tonal colorways, our Portuguese Stripes take a subtle approach to the classic print. Unlike many patterned materials, our striped fabric is yarn-dyed, rather than printed, prior to being woven; creating a fully saturated pattern that is as vibrant on the inside as it is on the outside. Sourced from a century- old mill in Portugal known for its technologically advanced approach to textiles, this nylon/poly material has a luxurious dry hand feel that is reminiscent of a shirting fabric, but is water-resistant, quick drying and durable.


You can purchase Portuguese Striped trunks at

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Next on our series of different fabric styles provided by men’s swimwear brand, Onia, is the


Liberty of London is one of the oldest and most exclusive fashion houses in Europe. Founded in London in 1875 as an Oriental import emporium, the store made a name for itself as purveyors of far-eastern fabrics of the finest quality. Within a few years they began producing their own materials under the label Liberty Art Fabrics. After nearly 150 years in the business, Liberty remains on the cutting edge of haute couture and we couldn’t be more proud of our partnership. Upon selection, we print on Liberty’s ultra-soft 100% brushed nylon swim fabric for use in our collections.


You can buy trunks made with Liberty Art Fabrics at

As mentioned in the previous post, I will be posting specifics of the different fabric styles available by men’s swimwear brand Onia. 


Unlike many patterned materials our Spanish Seersucker shorts—sourced from a century old mill in Spain—are not printed, rather they are yarn-dyed (the actual thread of the stripes is colored differently than the base color, a more intricate process than printing). This technologically advanced poly/nylon fabric has a feel reminiscent of shirting fabric, yet remains water resistant, quick-drying and durable.


You can buy Spanish Seersucker trunks at

Tony Thrifts presents the Spring/Summer “Varsity Club” collection tees just in time for the warm weather ahead. The tees feature the Varsity Club logo and also includes a vintage USA flag patch and National Fitness patch on the sleeves. Tony Thrifts is known for its love of vintage things and this collection is just a testament of that. The collection features four Varsity Club trunks that include: Varsity Club tee, a pair of cargos, belt, sport socks, and a scented candle. The tees can also be purchased separately in the online store. Only 50 of the tees will be sold. The trunks are $200 USD and tees start at $15 USD. Come join the club this Summer!

These are wonderful and are selling out very quickly. I would act fast - as that yellow shirt is amazing! Check out the collection, and the trunk, at Tony Thrifts