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Next on our series of different fabric styles provided by men’s swimwear brand, Onia, is the


Liberty of London is one of the oldest and most exclusive fashion houses in Europe. Founded in London in 1875 as an Oriental import emporium, the store made a name for itself as purveyors of far-eastern fabrics of the finest quality. Within a few years they began producing their own materials under the label Liberty Art Fabrics. After nearly 150 years in the business, Liberty remains on the cutting edge of haute couture and we couldn’t be more proud of our partnership. Upon selection, we print on Liberty’s ultra-soft 100% brushed nylon swim fabric for use in our collections.


You can buy trunks made with Liberty Art Fabrics at onia.com

If y’all are feeling the heat as I am (due to not owning an AC in NYC during summer ), you guys might be making your way out to swim.

Perhaps its time to throw out your old, possibly oversized trunks and try to invest in a better fit/style. For the next couple of days I’ll be posting some different styles offered by one of the greater men’s swimwear brands, Onia

You might be familiar as we’ve interviewed one of the founders, Carl Cunow, and have shot a Texas summer editorial specifically for the blog.

Hope y’all enjoy!